About Us

The Glamping Experience offers luxurious camping experiences that inspire, uplift and refresh. We are a mobile camping operator with a team of outdoors and home glamping experts. As experts in our field, you can rest assured we will bring comfort and convenience to your next event. 

Our boutique business brings to life our vision on what a life of comfort, style and hospitality should be, while connecting to nature and breathing in the pure, crisp, immaculate landscape. Our three decades of working experience in the services area  is now embodied in this small venture that plays on our strengths and in our clients’ favour. 

Our strongpoints include a keen interest in people wellbeing, powerful relations to others, care and a lot of passion for the outdoors, travels, adventures and all the good things life has to offer. We love DIY travels, organising events and trips for clients, and constantly in search of new inspirations.

We love anything that is beautiful: homes, nature, people and we believe in keeping our world untouched as much as possible, so joining the business of offering enjoyment to people while keeping our Earth safe seems like a good deal we don’t want to miss.

The Glamping Experience is our way to connect with our community, is the gift we offer to our tribe and ourselves, to live fully and simply enjoy what Earth has to offer. 

Now, let us take you through. Sit back, enjoy the nature and rediscover the joy of camping .

What we Do

We create itineraries for memorable experiences.

We are a boutique company that brings together comfortable outdoor recreational options with amazing nature scenery.
As people are looking more and more to collecting life-altering, perspective-changing experiences, we bring them the option of glamorous camping for special occasions, retreats, or just a weekend get-together. Our itineraries in tandem with glamorous camping include gourmet dining, plush bedding, amazing scenery and outstanding hospitality.

Whatever you want to enjoy in connection with nature, we can create it for you and customise it in every way possible.

What differentiates us is our qualitative interior set up with premium amenities so you feel deeply immersed into your experience and favour introspection and mindfulness.

Being a boutique operator allows us to put quality first in everything we do. We listen, we learn, and we constantly readjust to deliver quality experiences. We cannot do this without the care we provide for our customers, our partners, and for nature.
We listen to your wishes and put together unique programs for your delight.